Sophia Kudjordji  Chief Corporate Communications Officer, Jospong Group of Companies

Head of Corporate Communications for the Jospong Group, Madam Sophia Kudjordji was bequeathed the corporate communication professional of the year at the  2021 10th Marketing World Awards  (MWA) held in at the Movenpick Hotel, Accra

The communication leader’s exceptional leadership in the promotion of her organizations’ communication goals and building a brand identity that resonates with its audience and consumers was one of the yardstick for her award.

The Jospong group of companies also emerged winners of the Waste Management Brand of the Year for their brand activities in waste management across the continent, the group also won the Best Covid-19 CSR company of the year for their benevolence during the peak seasons of the covid-19 pandemic through disinfection of public spaces within the country to prevent the spread of the virus.

The elated award receiver said, it is a humbling to be honored with such an accolade, “it’s a very humbling experience for me, to be recognize by people as the cooperate communication personality of the year, I don’t think it comes that easy.” She remarked.

Explaining how the company navigated through the turbulent times of covid, Madam Sophia said “In the midst of Covid and the midst of challenges we had to lead and make sure that everything was been done well and wherever we went we made it clear. As people were struggling, we were changing the narrative on the market, we made people know that Zoomlion is not just about ‘bola’ but about safety, it’s about health, it’s about the welfare and the wellbeing of Ghanaians and that is how we change the narrative.”

She added that the success of the communication department is as a result of team work from diverse staff with exceptional intellect. “It has not been an individual’s affair, to be honest there has been a great team working on this, we have a team of sharp, intelligent, great guys and ladies of about 22 across the group that is working on this and I want to recognize and appreciate them.”

Commenting on what should be expected from the group in the coming years, Madam Sophia Kudjordji said “We can only give out our best, we are changing the African narrative, one company at a time, one country at a time, everything that we do is for the betterment of Africa.

“You come to Jospong, we are changing the narrative in the business world, we are changing the narrative of the private sector, we are changing the narrative in Ghana about cleanliness and ensuring that the place is green and then we are also changing the narrative for Africa, that Africa is not a dirty continent, Africa is where you have to be because this is where things are happening.”

Madam Sophia acknowledged the organizers of the event for an excellent work, “I’m grateful for the recognition today, I want to thank InstinctWave for what they are doing, I thank them so much for recognizing and appreciating cooperate Ghana for what we are doing.”