Truecaller, the global telephone search engine and caller ID service, has introduced a new identity solution for businesses to bolster safety and eliminate fraud.

According to Truecaller, the solution would address the pressing need to increase trust in communication, as the rise in fraud and scams using spoofed identities, continues across the African continent, especially now that more Africans are switching to smartphones. As of today, there are over 43 million active users of Truecaller in Africa.

The enterprise solution dubbed Truecaller Business Identity, allows businesses to verify their identities using a green verified business badge, accurately presenting the name, photo and the logo of the organisation. The new solution brings greater trust and efficiency in communication between businesses and clients as it gives confidence to consumers, knowing that the caller is a verified business by Truecaller.

Apart from adding trust and reducing the possibility of fraud, a Verified Business badge can be a big boon for startups and businesses who are brand conscious and want to accurately present the name of their entity, logo and give their customers the satisfaction of knowing exactly who they are conducting business with.

The new feature also allows businesses to drive efficiency in their communications while improving call-pickup rates for genuine and important calls.

Speaking during the launch of the solution in Lagos recently, the Director of Business Development in Africa at Truecaller, Zakaria Hersi, said: “Fraud continues to be a major issue across Africa and as a company, Truecaller wanted to provide solutions on a business level as well as a personal level. Trust is at the heart of everything we do and with so much of our lives lived through our phone, we need to ensure that our communication happens in a safe environment.

Truecaller Enterprise has been set up with the strong intent of building solutions for businesses that will not just improve the efficiency of their communication but also provide significant value and safety to consumers in their day-to-day lives.”

Vice President and Head of Truecaller Enterprise, Sony Joy, said: “Truecaller is ready to scale the offering to a significant number of businesses globally ensuring that the ever-growing community of users can trust more calls coming from these businesses making communication safer for everyone. Our robust verification process helps consumers identify calls that can be 100 per cent trusted to be initiated by a particular business. Over a period, this can result in drastic reduction of frauds and scams that happen over phone calls.”