Traditionally, cider isn’t the most sophisticated of drinks – that is, until now. Strongbow has released a product that’s bound to turn heads: a new rosé cider. So you can feel like you’re sitting in sun-soaked Provence sipping on a glass of pink goodness, when in reality you’re probably sitting in a festival tent sheltering from the rain. The new product, which is made up of red apples, is currently only available at Asda and Morrisons and is priced at £1.50 a can. It’s set to hit shelves in Sainsbury’s from 8 March and Tesco’s aisles from 20 April.


But, being cider, it’s unlikely you’ll only purchase one. Those looking for more can pick up a four-pack of 440ml cans for £5.25, or a pack of 10 for £12. At the moment, the cans are only available in stores, so don’t try searching for them online.


The good news is that the new rosé cider is free from artificial sweeteners, flavours and colours – its pinkish hue instead comes from carrot concentrate. Rachel Holms, brand director for Strongbow, said: ‘We’re really excited about the latest edition to our range of refreshing ciders. ‘Not only is Strongbow Rosé the most successful recipe we’ve ever tested, we’ve also got exciting launch plans this summer to make sure as many people as possible get to try it.’


But it seems Strongbow isn’t the first brand to launch the new flavour – last year both Kopparberg and Thatchers launched their own rosé ciders. The latter is made up of a blend of Cripps Pink, Fuji and Gala apples. In other drinks news, Gordon’s gin has launched its own Sicilian Lemon flavour. We have a feeling summer 2020 is going to be a boozy one.