In partnership with the National Lottery Authority (NLA) a new lottery operative called Wotiriyɛ has introduced an exciting mobile phone-based game called *787#.


Speaking at the launch, Director-General of the NLA, Kofi Osei- Ameyaw says the introduction of technology-oriented games in recent times does not seek to eliminate people. “We believe that Wotiriye is yet another demonstration of our resolve to get to the top end of the tech drive; it is not in any way an agenda to eliminate people but it is an agenda to bring more people onto the super high way, make sure that one has the freedom to choose between which avenue they wish to take,” he said.


Followers who want to play and win big at their convenience simply have to dial *787# and follow the prompts on their mobile phones. There is a small fee of GH¢5.00 to play, and participants can win from 6 different prize categories with weekly wins of up to GH¢20,000 and a jackpot that will start at GH¢50,000.


The game is played through the draw of random numbers and winners are determined by matching the selected digits with parts of their mobile phone numbers. The game has already run in a pilot program in certain parts of the country, and has been very well received.


The Head of Customer Experience at Wotiriyɛ Lottery Richard Akoto Bamfo said “We launched this game to offer our customers value for money. In addition, the game provides an opportunity for participants to enjoy weekly wins through the convenience of their mobile phones. There will be weekly draws and players can win from different prize categories with a one-time participation in the jackpot prize that starts at GH¢50,000,” he noted.