Howard Audio was the musical force behind Glo Nigeria’s latest Christmas TV campaign. Working closely with Giant Films’ Ian Gabriel – this was not the normal brief. The story tells of a young tap dancer who walks nervously onto a stage and takes him on a dream-like journey… all to the melody of Felize Navidad!


In a statement as quoted, Adam Howard explains, “We had to thread the musical theme of Felize Navidad (which is very repetitive!) from a dreamlike opening sequence through more urban beats into a full-on party scene – but with more contemporary Latino beats.”


The boy ends up tap dancing with a whole dance troupe where on-set taps were recorded – but Howard Audio had to come up with a bespoke solution at one point. Howard explains, “We needed to augment the tap sound that was recorded – so we built our very own tap sampler – basically a software instrument where you can play the taps on a keyboard – but we wanted the taps to still feel real – so we painstakingly took individual taps that were recorded on set and built them into this instrument – this basically allowed us to play in taps realtime – to give it that authentic feel”.


Adam Howard and Ian Gabriel finessed the spot over weeks as post was finalised.