Heineken, the world’s leading premium beer, has unveiled an iteration of its sleek can at an exclusive event at The Green House, Lagos. The new sleek can features a new slanted top and base; a vibrant and sophisticated design scheme; and the UEFA Champions League trophy at the fore.

The Heineken brand has been a leader in innovation and design with a predilection for fulfilling the desires of the stylish and chic. The new sleek can is particularly timely as it keys into the current realities as well as its recent campaign, Never Watching Alone.

The first iteration of the sleek cans were released in 2019 as the brand sought to raise the appeal to the upwardly mobile and city dwellers who love to quench their thirst on-the-go. The cans retained some of the brand’s easily recognizable features with a more slender design and an increased affinity to urban lifestyles.

According to the Heineken Senior Brand Manager, Aishat Anaekwe, the newly-launched version of the cans are an amalgamation of the key messages of its recent campaign theme and an indication of the brand’s commitment to innovative ideas, adaptation, creativity and a true sense of style.

In her words, Aishat said, “In 2019, we released the new sleek cans to an overwhelmingly positive response from our consumers. With the cans fulfilling the needs of the consumers we sought to reach, we saw an opportunity to further drive appeal with the introduction of the limited edition UCL sleek can.”

“The limited-edition sleek cans are particularly timely due to our current messaging which is Never Watching Alone. It perfectly encapsulates the essence of the campaign that Heineken is the perfect companion for football fans, no matter the social restrictions.” she continued.

This sleek can is an off-shoot of Heineken’s quest to create new associations with football and new drinking occasions occasioned by the pandemic. The lead-up to the launch of the new sleek cans started with the Never Watching Alone campaign, in which the brand sought to drive a connective and communal message through celebrities including Nancy Isime, VJ Adams, Uti Nwachukwu, and Samantha Walsh.

To celebrate this ingenuity in brewing, the brand unveiled the new sleek cans to tens of celebrities, trade and media partners including Uti Nwachukwu, Nancy Isime and more. There were live music performances and a thrilling orchestra performance in a relaxed atmosphere.

The new sleek cans will hit the shelves during the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals and will be available to consumers for a limited period.

Heineken is a global beer brand first brewed in Amsterdam, with a presence in over 192 countries. It is the official long-standing sponsor of the UEFA Champions League for over 27 years which has seen the international premium brand become one of the most recognisable brands in European football.