Four top-performing Bolt drivers in Ghana will be rewarded brand new 2021 Suzuki Celerio cars in recognition of their amazing service by the end of the platform’s 2021 driver reward contest that was launched on Monday.

The 2nd edition of the annual Bolt driver reward contest kicked off on 11th October 2021, and has been dubbed the ‘Bolt Driver’s League’, and will see the top New Driver, top Existing Driver, top Woman Driver, and the overall Top Driver in the country awarded.

With this contest, Bolt, the leading ride-hailing platform in Africa, is reaffirming its long-standing commitment and tradition of caring about its drivers who are the people that make its services possible.

David Kotei Nikoi, Bolt Country Manager in Ghana, said “With the unveiling of the Bolt Driver’s League contest, we aim to build a community of drivers who will take pride and be passionate when serving passengers each time. In addition, we are delighted with the opportunities that the grand prizes will bring to the winning drivers”.

The 2021 Bolt Driver’s League will have various activity and behavioral targets, including finished rides and driver ratings. The overall Top Driver in Ghana will be the one who will have the highest number of trips and maintained the highest ratings in the period under review.

Last year’s contest which was dubbed Bolt Mega Bonus Challenge recorded great participation across the country where 3 lucky drivers – Isaac Awotwe, Adam Okens, and Andrew Osei – drove away with brand new Suzuki Swift Cars while over 50 drivers received gift hampers and home appliances.

This year’s contest which applies an exciting sport’s inspired raffle system will show appreciation to yet another batch of excellent drivers and will be held over a 10-week period starting 11 October 2021.

In addition to the brand-new cars, other rewards like refrigerators and amazing home appliances will also be up for grabs in the Bolt Driver’s League.

All Bolt drivers in Ghana are encouraged to participate in this year’s challenge to showcase their stellar services to the world and be rewarded. Drivers will get regular updates that will keep them in the know of their progress

“I wish all participating Bolt drivers the best as we continue providing them with an enabling environment to succeed, so they can give riders that awesome experience that the brand is known for”, added David Kotei.