FrieslandCampina is commemorating its 150 years of operations of producing nutritional products across the world.

In Nigeria, the company is known as FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria Plc and it is the country’s foremost dairy company and an affiliate of RoyalFrieslandCampina   of   the   Netherlands. The entity is one   of   the   largest   dairy cooperatives in   the   world, a well-known   milk   brands with many extensions that   have   become household names namely:   Peak, Three   Crowns, Coast, Olympic, Nunu among others.

The company held a glamourous event in Nigeria to commemorate the milestone.

With great excitement, the company declared; “FrieslandCampina celebrates its 150th anniversary! For the past 150 years, we have managed the entire chain. From the grass the cows eat to delivering dairy products all over the world. As part of our 150th anniversary celebrations, we will be sharing stories of the people making it all possible,”.

Congratulatory messages poured in from friendly organizations and well-wishers. One of such was from X3M Ideas, a frontline advertising agency, that stated “We join FrieslandCampina Wamco, markers of Peak Milk in celebrating 15 decades of innovation and quality from grass to glass. Cheers to 150 more years of global nourishment.”

Noteworthy, The FrieslandCampina cooperative was established in 1871. That year, 20 enterprising farmers from Hollandsche Wieringerwaard region in the province of North Holland took a decision to join forces to deliver better nutrition.

150 years later, the brand has delivered dairy based products to nourish families all over the world. Today, there are 17,000 farmers and 11,000 farms all over Europe, Asia and Africa. Every day, as a Cooperative partnering and collaborating with passionate professionals in 38 markets (across the world, it is living the dream and holding on to the pledge made by the 20 farmers a century and a half ago.

The company also remains committed to Nourishing Nigerian Children with Quality Specialized Nutrition Dairy Products.

One   of   the   company’s   laudable   initiatives   is   the   Dairy   Development Programme (DDP).   The   success   of   the   initiative   is   a   testament   to FrieslandCampina   WAMCO’s   sustainable   business   approach.   Long before   the   Central   Bank   of   Nigeria   initiated the backward   integration project to support   and   promote   local   dairy content, FrieslandCampina   WAMCO was   already   at   the   forefront, working   with   the   Federal   Ministry   of Agriculture and Rural Development for the local sourcing of milk.

Also, through   the   DDP initiative, FrieslandCampina   WAMCO   has established capacity in local artificial insemination, and is transitioning Nigeria’s largely locally beef cattle population to dairy cattle that can increase milk yield.