As a positive means of creating value and ease in the Nigeria transportation sector, a new model of motorcycle with fuel efficiency, power and durability as its unique selling points has been unveiled by Boulos Enterprises Limited, the company which owns the credit of building Nigeria’s first motorcycle plant.


The new Haojue Xpress 125cc commercial (Taxi Model) motorcycle is being launched in phases, starting with last week’s impressive event for dealers in the South-west region at the Boulos plant in Ogba, Lagos, where the Chairman, Mr. Robert Ugbaja, described the model as a futuristic product which even the keenest competitors do not have yet.


Haojue Xpress was introduced as a five-speed gear motorcycle with a highly efficient engine, integrated with many advanced technologies, resulting in the economical, powerful and durable attributes. It also has a non-commercial version for private use


Haojue Xpress motorcycle has been tested and proven to have its fuel consumption lowered by 30 percent compared with other major competing brands in Nigeria and globally. Thus, during the tests, the riders were able to prove that the owner of the motorcycle can save more fuel and earn more income.


With excellent performance at low and middle speed and with a strong torque of 10 Nm generated at low speed, the overall performance improvement of 25 percent has been observed. Thus, irrespective of the gear position – at startup, during acceleration or during climbing of a hill, the rider will always have enough power and speed to move faster.


The optimized layout of the engine coupled with the piston backed cooling technology lengthens engine life span even when working with heavy load every day thus excellent engine performance is guaranteed.


Haojue Xpress motorcycle also has other massive benefits for the user as it is safe, durable and reliable; while the agility gives the rider a unique riding experience, good trafficability and unmatched comfortability.


It also comes with a basic kick startup system, a high strength light aluminum alloy wheels that resist road impacts, thus making the motorcycle safer than the old-fashioned wire wheels fitted to other motorcycles in commercial motorcycle (Taxi-Model) market segment.


Presenting Haojue Xpress to the dealers, Lekan Olagunju of the Sales Division, disclosed that as a result of its fuel efficiency, the motorcycle could do 75 kilometres on one litre of fuel, meaning that its 13-litre tank can take an owner through nearly a thousand kilometers.


Ugbaja in his opening remarks had thanked the dealers for their support over the decades, urging them to take the opportunity presented by the launch of the new Haojue Xpress, “which is the best in its class,” to take the “warm, working relationship” to a higher level.


The Chairman explained that introducing the new motorcycle first to the dealers in the closer south-west market affords Boulos the opportunity of getting feedbacks and making use of them, before launching it in other parts of the market.


Also present to unveil the new motorcycle, receive and react to the dealers’ comments and questions, was a Director of Boulos Enterprises, Mr. Karim Boulos, who was accompanied by youthful member of the management, Mr. Gaby Boulos.