TCL Electronics Holdings Limited joined IFA 2019 in Berlin, Germany and launched a full suite of new innovations and smart products, which incorporate artificial intelligence (AI), range from TVs and audio products. Meanwhile, the Company received the “Home Theater Gold Award” for its flagship Mini LED X10 TV by International Data Group (IDG), which represents high recognition of the Company’s commitment to technological innovation.



TV serves as a perfect gateway to an intelligent life. TCL offers ground-breaking technology to provide that gateway: 8K offers extremely high resolution; Mini LED provides ultra-high contrast and brightness; and QLED delivers richer colors. All of these are primary criteria for high image quality.

The newly launched TCL’s flagship 8K QLED X Series, which is available in 85-inch, 75-inch and 65-inch models, offers a next generation 8K definition viewing experience. It is equipped with a retractable built-in camera, which will ascend and descend automatically when prompted by applications. Moreover, the Series supports augmented reality (AR) which further enhances the user experience and also features a unique duo-display design, alongside the main TV screen, so viewers can enjoy a mini-screen on an independent audio device that provides useful information to viewers, such as weather updates and movie status, as well as providing controls for smart connections and settings throughout the home.

The Mini LED Series comes in several sizes and with a variety of functions. The premier model is a 75-inch 8K Mini LED TV. Its backlight is driven by 25,200 high-performance LEDs, delivering superior brightness – that’s between two and five times the brightness of a regular TV. It also features 900 local dimming zones, to deliver striking contrasts, with a purer, clearer display of light and dark detail via precision backlight control. In addition, a 75-inch 4K version and two 65-inch 4K versions with optional sound bars will be available at the end of 2019. The 65-inch 4K version with a sound bar will be available soon in the European markets.

In pursuit of a better immersive listening experience, TCL also revealed RAY-DANZ, a 3.1-channel Atmos sound bar featuring uniquely angled speakers on each side that beam sound waves towards curved acoustic reflector units to create a wider soundstage without any digital virtualization. This allows for a larger sweet spot compared to mainstream sound bars without compromising audio quality, clarity and accuracy. While the wide soundstage is provided by the side speakers, RAY-DANZ’s center channel provides clear dialogue and voice positioning for vocal content. It also features Dolby Atmos® technology that brings a three-dimensional sound experience to the home theater. The subwoofer can be connected wirelessly to the RAY∙DANZ unit to complement the listening experience and reproduce ground-shaking bass that is essential in creating an ultimate immersive experience.

TCL also revealed a line of new true wireless headphone products to help consumers better enjoy music and take calls whether they are on commute, exercising or at a café. SOCL500TWS comes with a range of fun vibrant color schemes and slim charging case that are perfect for urban dwellers. The ACTV500TWS is a pair of true wireless earbuds with IPX7 waterproof rating that comes with Comply™ foam tips and wireless charging case. They both focus on offering uncompromising comfort and a very long playtime – up to 26 hours for the SOCL500TWS and 33 hours for the ACTV500TWS.

At IFA 2019, the new smart TV products of TCL Electronics still focus on large screen TVs, such as 75-inch, 85-inch and above, and high-end display technologies, including quantum dot, 8K and Mini LED. Developing larger screen size and higher definition of display resolution are one of the core strategies of the Company’s TV business. In the future, the Company will insist on developing cutting-edge and advanced technologies, such as quantum dot, 8K and Mini LED, to further reinforce its product competitiveness.

SOURCE: PRNewswire