Revolution Payments has unveiled a Level III credit card processing offering for those who use Salesforce, according to report as announced by the company.


The announcement stated that the offering eases payment processing and alleviates the higher interchange fees for merchants that are applied without intervention to credit cards from other companies or the public sector.


Retailers that use the solution are signed up for the Revolution Payments complimentary “commercial card interchange optimization program,” which reduces the cost of acceptance.


“Level II/III eligible transactions are automatically updated, no manual entry required,” the announcement stated. “This saves a business both time and money.”


The news comes as Revolution Payments announced last February that companies can simplify payments and decrease the interchange cost of accepting corporate cards with its Revolution Payments NetSuite Level III Credit Card Processing Solution.


Bringing credit card processing features into an accounting solution also makes workflows run more effectively and decreases double entry, it was noted at the time. Moreover, the connection marks bills as paid, posts payments without intervention and archives information offsite. Transactions can be run at any phase like deposits and refunds.


The Revolution Payments NetSuite module knows at once if a transaction is qualified for Level II/III as soon as it is accepted, according to news at the time.


In August, Repay Holdings (REPAY) announced that it had connected its infrastructure with the Sage 500 enterprise management platform.


“Our new integration with Sage 500 will allow businesses to eliminate legacy processing techniques, including manual data entry and discovery, enabling them to drive quick, frictionless experiences with the best possible rates,” REPAY Chief Revenue Officer Susan Perlmutter said in an announcement at the time.


The connection, which was to be accessed via the REPAY company APS, lets corporate vendors cost-effectively and easily accept payments with Level III processing for corporate transactions. The free APS Payments Sage 500 function allows merchants to simplify tokenized credit card data to make their PCI compliance simpler.