Back in 1999, the internet was filled with dial-up tones, dancing babies and more ‘Under Construction’ pages than we care to remember. It was, however, also filled with innovation with the potential to change the world.

Twenty years later and we are living in the most technologically disruptive era, and Realm Digital has borne witness, and contributed, to this current landscape.

Founded by South African tech entrepreneur Wesley Lynch in 1999, Realm Digital was birthed out of a passion and desire to build beautiful, engaging and, most importantly, useful software.

A group of high school friends set out to pursue this passion and now, 20 years later, Realm Digital has become a household name on the South African digital landscape, having worked with some of the biggest local and international brands.

Over the years, Realm has been a driver of digital transformation, helping numerous businesses across multiple sectors solve and overcome problems through the use of innovative solutions, scalable software and intuitive user interfaces. They have worked with leading brands from the retail, publishing, financial services and travel and tourism industries.

What differentiates Realm from the rest of the pack is a commandingly strong competency in solution architecture and integration.

“The IT industry has become rife with stories about bottomless consulting expenses, unscalable software, failed projects and unreliable support. Our structured approach, solid team and years of experience make a huge difference to help our customers deliver software projects that add real value to their business,” says Realm’s CEO, Simon Bestbier.

Realm Digital would like to thank each and every client, team member, past and present, and everyone who has been a part of this 20-year journey. Cheers to 20 years, here’s to 20 more, and beyond.