Play Zuri Health Limited, a subsidiary of Play Communications Limited, has announced the launch of Zuri Health, their first mobile app that connects doctors and patients across Subsaharan Africa with affordable and accessible healthcare.


Zuri Health ensures its services are easily accessible via mobile dedicated apps, wap, and SMS based services depending on one’s location, and the specialty of the medical provider. Users can easily book an appointment with healthcare professionals within their geographical regions, chat via message/video, book lab tests, and request home visits. The pharmacy section allows users to get prescriptions and order over-the-counter medication which is then delivered to their doorstep.


Play Zuri Health Limited is an m-health startup founded in February 2020 and targets the disenfranchised market segment by offering accessibility to database specialists, pharmacies, lab, and diagnostic centers. The company intends to scale into West and Southern Africa.


During the launch, Arthur Ikechukwu Anoke, the CEO and Co-founder at Zuri Health expressed how the app has been perfected to give doctors “a wider and easier platform to reach patients“. He also mentioned how they target the “underserved populace” with “affordable and sustainable healthcare”.

SOURCE: Russel Ayugi