Lola in this interview with MarketingWorld believes that consumers’ voices should be heard. Excerpts

What does your role entail as the Marketing Manager (Prestige portfolio – Champagnes & Whiskeys) at Pernod Ricard? Spirits and wine production requires deep consumer insight, how well has Pernod Ricard invested into doing research for its business?

Working as Marketing Manager of the prestige portfolio of a one of the prominent wines & spirit company like Pernod Ricard comes with extraordinary responsibility. As owner of possibly the world’s single largest and certainly the most intimidating portfolio of premium luxury spirits and beverages, Pernod Ricard is at once a most formidable place to sharpen one’s brand management skills, talents and contacts, but also one of the most rewarding call cards.

As Marketing Manager, I am responsible for assuring the preservation of hundreds of years of brand history and value, while ensuring the currency of our luxury brands in today’s market. I have found working as Marketing Manager for this world class employer an absolutely fulfilling experience.

Regarding Pernod Ricard’s investment in consumer R&D, the size and growth of the business speaks eloquently to the quality of our attention to our consumers, and the value that our brands represent to the market. Pernod Ricard is a market sensitive business, as a result of which significant investment is made in gaining consumer insight; gathering, evaluating and monitoring consumer data; and in gaining 360 degree awareness and knowledge of the demands and expectations of the brands and the brand’s markets.


Your brands have experienced success in the Nigerian market, what do you think attributed to this?

Again, Pernod Ricard is top of class in terms of attentiveness to consumer insight, affording us the responsiveness to consumer requirements that luxury brand retail demands. Just as critical is our investment in world class consumer experiences which, as well as resonating with consumers, keep us at the top of the mind.


What are your views on government policies on alcohol consumption in Nigeria have they in anyway affected your marketing plans?

‎As a responsible corporate brand, Pernod Ricard is committed to full and unrestrained regulatory and policy compliance wherever we do business. As a result, our business, our marketing plans and strategies, our entire DNA, is tuned at all times to full compliance with government and regulatory dictates.

Here in Nigeria, we ensure compliance with all government policy on alcohol use and sale, and on pushing the case for responsible and legal drinking. You will understand when I say that our social and commercial objectives in this regard are fully aligned with government policy, which is basically aimed at assuring responsible and legal drinking. In keeping our consumers safe and responsible, government policy reinforces our commercial and social drivers.


What are your best moments so far as the marketing manager working with Pernod Ricard?

The launch campaign of Martell Caractère in November 2014 to the Nigerian market stands out as an extraordinary moment for me as Marketing Manager of these luxury brands.

I would honestly compare that moment to the stages a woman goes through during pregnancy and birth. When you find out you’re pregnant you are so excited and over the moon. That’s how I felt once told I would be handling the launch campaign. However, through the pregnancy journey they are highs & lows, moments of doubt but you keep pushing and praying. Then towards the end, you grow impatient and anxious to birth this child. After birth, you are first relieved, then joyful and have a sense of accomplishment which makes every step of your journey worth it. You forget all the lows and challenges you faced throughout the journey and you become a better you.

Funny enough, during this project I was actually pregnant; so I was going through two journeys simultaneously.
Where do you see your brands in Nigeria in the next five years?

We have a singular objective as brand managers at Pernod Ricard Nigeria and it is to take each brand under our portfolio to brand leader status ‎in their respective drink category.
Describe yourself in three words?

Driven, Relentless and Candid