After a 25-year journey, the reputable Libya Oil Group has unveiled  its new visual identity  under the brand, OLA Energy. The rebranding, that supposedly reflects the true African essence, will take an effect on all of the brand’s outlets and products.

OLA Energy was revealed at an exclusive event that was attended by Deputy Minister of Supply and Internal Trade for Internal Trade Affairs, Engineer Ahmed Hossam El Din. In addition to other senior officials and government body representatives, industry officials from the oil industry, and media reps.

Mr. Mazen Bin Ramadan, CEO of Libya Oil Holding Group, talked about the EGP 500 million worth investment saying, “We received great support from shareholders who expressed their satisfaction with the Group’s performance and development over the years.” He also added, “The board of directors, higher management, and Group employees are enthused with the business identity revamp, and the prospects of growth and value that this brings to the African Identity of the brand, born and nurtured by its people serving Africa meeting the highest international quality standards.”

” This new brand captures the essence of our company as a modern energy player across our footprint in Kenya and Africa; it characterizes our strength and success, and expresses the drive and ambition felt throughout our Group in this phase of its evolution,” the Libya Oil Holdings CEO, Mazin Ramadan, commented.

Mr. Bin Ramadan also elaborated about the new strategy. The rebranding is not just about the new image, but it’s to shed light on the group’s intention to constantly improve its offering through development and modernization. “The Group’s strategy to launch the new brand is symbolic of “OLA Energy’s” expanding market offering as a modern Pan-African energy retailer that seeks to cater to the rapidly changing demands of consumers,” he further explains.

In light of this major investment, OLA Energy allocated a part of it in manufacturing mineral oils through the OPSBA oil mixing plant in Alexandria, with the highest international quality certification in the ISO STANDARDS. Engineer Mesbah El Beshti, General Manager of OLA Energy Egypt, explains that they will be serving the local market, as well as other neighboring African countries, with mineral oils. “To meet our ambitious growth plans and increase our local market share, the company has decided to set up its first storage warehouse in Alexandria,” he added

According to El Beshti, the Egyptian market has witnessed an impressive boom ever since the group started operating back in 1995. The number of service stations has jumped to approximately 90, while future plans are to up that number to 110 by 2021. “Our products service airlines in ten airports, as well as a significant number of stakeholders in the large haul transport industry and companies operating in the maritime field, positioning us with a strong and growing market share in Egypt,” he also said.

Ramadan added that OLA Energy pays homage to our proud heritage – the new name is abbreviated from ‘OiLibya Africa’.