Netflix has launched its short-form video feature for mobile devices as the trend propelled by TikTok continues to grow.

Fast Laughs is available only for the iPhone; Netflix said it would be testing on Android “soon.”


The feature will include a feed of funny clips from Netflix’s comedy catalog, including films, series, sitcoms and stand-ups.


Users can access the feed through the bottom navigation menu by clicking the Fast Laughs tab. Similar to TikTok, the clips will start playing and, once they end, the feed will automatically play the next one.


“On Netflix, this one little question opens up lots of possibilities from hilarious series and films to laugh-out-loud stand-up specials,” reads a statement by Patrick Flemming, director of product innovation at Netflix.



The feature lets users add Netflix series, films and stand-ups to their list to watch later. Viewers can also share clips via Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.


Flemming notes that not all clips will be appropriate for all audiences.


As we recall last year, Facebook also launched Instagram Reels, a video platform similar to TikTok.