The coronavirus pandemic has forced KFC’s marketing to become sharper and more focused than ever, says UK & Ireland marketing director Jack Hinchliffe.


The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown might be hitting marketing budgets and upending five year plans, but KFC can see a silver lining.


“There is nothing like having to rethink your entire year’s plan to really understand what’s important for the brand. It’s an exercise in ruthless prioritisation,” says KFC UK & Ireland marketing director, Jack Hinchliffe.


While KFC was forced to close its restaurants on 23 March to ensure the safety of its staff, the plan is to reopen more than 500 of its 900 branches across the UK and Ireland by the end of this week. And looking ahead, Hinchliffe says he is arguably more pleased with the brand’s marketing than ever before.


“As I look at the plan that we’ve got for the rest of the year now, it’s sharper and more focused than it’s ever been. That’s been one big piece [of good news] from a marketing standpoint,” he states.


SOURCE: Molly Fleming