A recently launched Globacom’s campaign, titled; Biker, appears to be advancing the larger than life status of the brand with a deep reflection of go-getting and self-reliance personality as demonstrated by the female leading character in the television commercial.


In all its campaigns and product activations, Globacom has always appeared a brave brand personality. Since the first day in the market, the story is about not giving up despite all odds. Part of what has made Glo a respected brand is its engaging larger-than-life imagery. Today, it has successfully established itself as ambitious, bold, daring and endearing.


In its new Television commercial, the promoters also take the unusual part as they send strong a message about women empowerment and boldness. For instance, in a super patriarchal society like Africa, where women are usually treated as appendages and the ‘weaker vessels,’ this commercial turns that stereotype on its head. The mechanic like most men tried to take advantage of what he thought was a vulnerable woman, by raising the prices of motorcycle parts and mentioning radiator and other things outside motorcycle parts.


Of course, the lady swiftly gives him back by demonstrating practically to what he described on his phone contact as ‘thief-thief mechanic’ that she’s not a novice after all. However, the mechanic realised a little too late that this is a special kind of woman. She appears strong, assertive, creative and very independent.


Through the creative ingenuity of the creative agency that conceptualised the campaign, the lady quickly resorted to Glo to easily outwit the crooked mechanic. Two things are clear through the TVC; Glo has been able to make case for the girl child and the entire womenfolk that they can also be empowered. Beyond using them as mare sex appeal to woo consumers, the TVC also represents a new way of showcasing women in TV commercials. Putting the young biker side by side with the Glo brand, one can easily compares her didactic and adventurous disposition with Glo’s boldness and commitment to empowering its patrons.


As the lady hands over to the mechanic money for the tools used for fixing her bike and fled with her colleagues with fulfillment, the promoters of the brand drives home another message of the 60 seconds TVC, which is hinged on data as a problem solver.


Conceptualised by X3M Ideas, a leading advertising firm, Biker was recently produced to deepen the company’s positioning drive for its data. In the last, two years, top players in the industry have consistently used advertisement to engage their patrons as well as pointing out the unique selling points of their data plans.