It is obvious that Pickup trucks have become an integral part of our life. A big “thank you” to Henry Ford. He decided to add a cargo bed to the back of a Model T, barely nine years after the iconic car was launched and pronto Ford’s foray into business of making pickup trucks began. The rest is history.

The story has been luxuriant-from the Ford Model TT of the past to the high-performance F-150 Raptor of today, the carmaker and its lineup of utility/performance pickups have come a long way. And now, Ford has crossed the 100th year of building trucks.

When it was launched in 1917, the Model TT was capable enough to carry a ton in payload and had a heavy-duty frame in place to deal with its new role of transporting goods and not just people. Henry Ford also saw to it that the chassis allowed customers to integrate third-party equipment and cargo beds.

Though we have many pick up brands jostling for the best of space; but Ford continues to hold sway in the market. Ford listened to feedback from its shoppers and never stopped innovating for the past 100 years, a reason why it can boast with its creation with a swag; Ford Ranger.

The Ford Ranger is designed to be an out and out workhorse. With seating for up to 5 adults, Double Cab offers the most car-like ownership experience of all the Ranger bodystyles. And with a 1,549-mm-long cargo box, it is equally accommodating whether you’re hard at work or enjoying time off.

One of the features that has endeared many to Ford Ranger is the enhanced next-level connectivity that helps keep you in touch. You’ll love its new features, including an all-new Navigation System3 (late availability), and easy-to-use interface. Give simple commands and the system responds to your voice. Swipe it like your smartphone, thanks to the capacitive touchscreen, and get high-speed performance in return.

Also the Engines have no rival. Ranger exudes a powerful presence – both on and off road. Sleek headlamps, front bumper, hood and 3-bar front grille – plus a steeply raked windshield and pronounced wheel arches – ensure Ranger will make a strong impression. It is available with a 2.5L petrol engine, or a choice of 2.2L or 3.2L diesel engines. Each combines power and efficiency. Engine puts up to 277 lb.-ft. of torque at your disposal for excellent flexibility

Depending on which model and engine you prefer, Ranger comes with a 5- or 6-speed manual transmission, 1 or a smooth 6-speed automatic1 that features a manual sequential-shift capability.

A rugged five-seat double cab pickup ready to carry or pull heavy payloads over whatever terrain lies before it. Competition in the pick-up market has never been tougher, but Ford Ranger is equal to the task.

By Kehinde Olesin