To be a meaningful brand, you must make meaningful impact. It is inescapable. The most powerful and profitable brands – regardless of sector – are brands that enhance well-being and enrich peoples’ lives.

Great brands, according to data are so because they enrich lives and add meaning to lives.

It’s simple to say and harder to execute, but for a brand to be truly meaningful, a brand must exude meaning and elicit emotion from its core. A truly meaningful brand must enhance the vibrancy and vitality of what we feel in our day-to-day lives. It must have an impact that transcends product, attributes, price, or performance. It must make people feel. It must make people feel something positive.

When we look at the likes of Unilever, RB, Apple, Starbucks and many more, they have endeavored to give beautiful meanings to millions of lives all over the world. When people buy these brands, they are not just buying , they want to be part of their beautiful stories , they want to be part of the bigger community partaking of the essence.

These companies don’t just preach about social responsibility. They actually incorporate it into their business practices. To have a meaningful brand value means making a true impact on the world and around you.

The key to this is, understanding exactly how your brand can help people and communities become and feel smarter, healthier, stronger, safer, and or more connected.

According to many findings, positive emotions are directly linked to a person’s sense of significance, social engagement, interest, and purpose in life. They prove that positive emotions have a demonstrable effect on nearly all areas of a person’s life. Brands that generate positive emotions among consumers will be rewarded in all the normal ways, such as growth in market share and in shareholder value, while positively contributing to society as a whole. In short, more positivity generates more good.

For a brand to be meaningful and successful, it must positively impact people’s lives. If your brand can do that, it will improve your business performance, build your company’s fortunes, and enrich your customers’ lives.

By Kehinde Olesin

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