As the Principal Consultant at Purple Pearl Consulting what does your role entails?

My role is to provide strategic leadership for the company, to establish proper tools and processes that can be replicated or customized as required and I lead the new business development drive of the company. Our primary goal is to enhance and drive excellence in organizations & individuals through our custom made marketing solutions. Our offerings are twofold:

We help new businesses develop a unique brand personality that can be leveraged in subsequent years to build a reputable brand. We also support existing businesses in their brand building drive and in creating differentiation in the market place.

We deploy our competence in strategy development, brand management, concept ideation, content management, Integrated Marketing communications, & capability development.

We are young, nibble and adaptable.

Could you describe your new life of working as a business owner, having spent years in at least two multinationals?

It’s been quite interesting. With my 17 year experience working in two of the biggest multinationals around, I have amassed the right skills and competencies to deploy to my business. I make sure there is structure and processes in place in running the company. Being a business owner you have the sole accountability & responsibility for the business; you then need to apply a good dose of discipline in the day to day running of the company.

With respect to the work, no two days are alike – there are many balls to juggle at the same time and of course there is no boss to escalate matters to! What I have done however is to have mentors that I talk to when the occasion requires it.

There is no structured working time – closing work can be as late at 2am and resumption can be as early as 6am. The good side of it is that it has also afforded me some level of flexibility to manage other aspects of my life.

In terms of challenges, these are the usual issues that startups face. What is important is to keep up the drive and have many options to work with. I have learnt quite a lot in the past few months – I find that I read more than I used to as I strive to gain more knowledge, I have also learnt that help or support does not come from expected places.

What are the new trends that could fetch business in marketing consulting this year?

In 2016 brands cannot afford to miss any good opportunity to drive consumer connection. With many brands scrambling for the same share of wallet of consumers, more than ever before, brands will be on the lookout for creative and innovative ideas to reach consumers.

Consumers will continue to be bombarded with many messages across various channels by many brands, some of which will become irritable to them. As such it is important for any serious brand to be very precise with their marketing strategy and execution plan. This is not the year where brands should “spray” their campaigns everywhere hoping one or two will work.

Intelligent & authentic content will be more relevant and definitely be king! That is the only way to get noticed and this is where consultants come in to add value to the brands.

What are those things that could make a business like yours be above the murky financials water in this period?

You need to manage your cost and keep it to the barest minimum – this does not imply compromising on quality or value but it focuses on applying your resources in a way that delivers returns. It is important to have good corporate governance in place, irrespective of how small your company is. This discipline will keep such businesses out of trouble.

Share best moments in career so far…..and a day you wished never came?

There have been many career highlights for me. As a marketer what excites most is when you see tangible results from the brand initiatives you have executed. What qualifies as my best moments will be my first time in shooting a TV advertisement. The experience was thrust on me unexpectedly due to the absence of my Manager then. This was a pan African campaign and Nigeria was the lead market. I was apprehensive and at the same time excited. It was a delight when the finished material turned out quite well. Another was when I secured a sponsorship deal for one of the brands I worked on. The sponsorship was a very strategic one for the brand and there were many other big brands interested in it. It was a personal triumph for me. Also, seeing a brand property that I developed grow over a 4 year period from an event that had about 30 people in neighbourhoods to an over 5,000 people event is another good moment.

On the flip side, a day I wished never came….. When I ran my first consumer promotion years ago. Some issues came up and at some point, I was sure I was going to lose my job. The leadership had a meeting to discuss the issue and that day seemed like the longest ever! I was on edge all through the duration of the meeting and wondering what the outcome will be. The outcome of the meeting wasn’t toxic as I expected. Eventually, I came up with a plan that resolved the issue.

What is your advice for rookies in this business?

They need to ensure they have the requisite experience in the field before venturing out. To be able to solve other people/company’s challenges, you must have what it takes to deliver value to them.

It is important to develop a business plan; this provides clarity with respect to your niche, what they want to achieve, the potential clients and what is currently happening in the industry amongst other insights.  Networking is very crucial in this business. Reaching out to contacts, friends and family alike will be necessary for business prospects.

At the point of starting off, it is also good to have mentors – these are valuable resources that can help the new entrant to stabilize in the early days, the truth is that you can’t claim to know it all!

Where will your company be in the next five years?

Purple Pearl Consulting will be at the forefront of providing insightful and cutting edge marketing solutions. We will be looking at leveraging synergies with other global marketing companies in deploying tools and capabilities.

Describe yourself in three words.

Passionate, Detailed & Focused