Canon has released nail sticker designs for all twenty teams competing in Rugby World Cup 2019 through its free Nail Sticker Creator for Canon application. Canon designers have created these designs by drawing inspiration from the color schemes of each national team’s kit with plans to release additional designs based on different concepts in July and August for a total sixty designs. Users can choose from any of the 20 team designs to wear while watching the match on TV, cheering on the players at their home grounds and of course watching the match live at the stadium. Print your favorite nail sticker designs and get fired up for Rugby World Cup 2019.

(Rugby World Cup 2019 designs available until the end of December 2019)

As an official sponsor, Canon will continue to drum up excitement for Rugby World Cup 2019, Japan!

Get excited for Rugby World Cup 2019 with your friends!

Fans can coordinate their nails with friends to show their support together at Rugby World Cup 2019, Japan. What’s more, users can also choose nail stickers from the various team designs to coordinate with their outfit. Users can add a splash of color to photos with friends to turn once-in-a-lifetime moments into lasting memories that are also great for social media.

Canon has prepared designs for all 20 participating teams!

Rugby World Cup 2019 designs available until the end of December 2019.

Canon has created designs for each of the 20 competing teams, so every fan can show their support. This first round of designs combines each team’s shield with a simple graphic that captures rugby’s fast pace. Featuring simple designs, these nail stickers are suitable for both men and women and can be easily matched with all kinds of outfits.

Nail Sticker Creator for Canon

Nail Sticker Creator for Canon is a free app that allows users to easily print nail stickers using compatible Canon inkjet printers—including the PIXMA TS9500 series, PIXMA TS8200 series and PIXMA TS700 series—and dedicated Printable Nail Stickers NL-101 paper.

Users can choose their favorite designs from a wealth of over 180 templates* or use the app to add photos of their pet or illustrations and create their own one-of-a-kind

Source: Canon Central and North Africa (CCNA)